General Features:

SprayClean cabin type pressure washer systems provides sensitive cleaning of heavy impurities such as oil, grease and production wastes accumulated on all surfaces of the parts coming out of the production or maintenance lines. Angled nozzle system and pneumatic cover are offered as standard in SprayClean washing systems, where all processes take place in a single washing cabinet.

Washing system: All cleaning processes with a pressure water and hot air are completed in the same single washing cabin
Working principle: To clean all surfaces of the parts, the parts are automatically washed with hot water and chemical detergents with the help of pressurised spray jet nozzles
Tank system: Single or multiple tanks available with separate heating
Feeding: Manual front loading and unloading, motorized loading option available
Construction: Entirely from 304 stainless steel.
Control panel: Siemens touchscreen HMI panel as standard for multiple cleaning stage models. Switchgear for single stage models.
ModelBasket Diameter
Loading Weight
External Dimensions
SprayClean 90 W 9003001550*1400*2050
SprayClean 120 W 12004501950*1750*2150
SprayClean 150 W 15006002400*2100*2400
SprayClean 180 W 18008002700*2400*2600
SprayClean 90 WR 9003001550*1900*2050
SprayClean 120 WR 12004501950*2250*2150
SprayClean 150 WR 15006003000*2100*2400
SprayClean 180 WR 18008003300*2400*2600
SprayClean 90 WRD 9003001550*1900*2200
SprayClean 120 WRD 12004501950*2250*2300
SprayClean 150 WRD 15006003000*2100*2600
SprayClean 180 WRD18008003300*2400*2800

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» Compact space-saving design
» Environmentally friendly
» Energy efficient
» Manual loading with external loading cart/platform
» Automatic loading and unloading system can be integrated (optional)
» Suitable for medium and heavy weight items
» Designed for sensitive cleaning of heavily polluted materials
Washing steps:
» Washing, washing-rinsing, washing-rinsing-drying, pre-washing (optional), additional rinsing stages (optional)
» All process recipes can be programmed separately

Addable Features
» Water stripping
» Pump filtration
» Drip pan
» Heavy material adjustment
» Oil separation or skimming
» Automatic basket loading and unloading system
» Wheeled loading cart or fixed loading platform
» Nozzle rotation system (fixed basket)
» Other system features

***All our SprayClean Washing Systems can be custom designed in line with the needs of our customers. Contact us for your special needs...

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