Global Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Since our company’s formation back in 2003 our range of washing systems has continually increased allowing for large washing system portfolio with lots of diversity and various washing methods available to meet all our customer’s demands. This continual growth in both washing system ranges and our company’s size, experience and personnel has allowed us to continually improve both our manufacturing quality and after sales services provided each year. To date we have had the privilege of serving and supplying international customers in over 50 different countries worldwide.

At Everest Elektromekanik we pride ourselves in our ability to provide quality and competitively priced washing systems that, if necessary, can be tailor made and customised to a customer’s precise cleaning requirements. Whilst we do also have a standard range of models for each of our washing ranges, our strongest attribute as a company is our ability to provide bespoke washing systems where our team of experienced mechanical, electrical and software engineering teams design a special bespoke washing system for a customer’s very precise and challenging cleaning demands. All our washing systems are man-ufactured conforming to the latest CE regulations and certified. For our North American customers UL and CSA certification conformity and 480V and 575V washing system are also available at request.

Our company is ISO 9001-2021, ISO 14001-2021 and ISO 45001- 2021 registered so you can be certain and comfortable with the knowledge we are able to offer and supply you an excellent quality washing system at a very reasonable price. We are always ready and willing to assist customers with a new or existing cleaning applications you may have.

In more recent years Everest Elektromekanik has grown into a fully mod¬ern international exporting manufacturing company with qualified technical staff, over¬seas personnel, high quality manufacturing process equipment and offers the complete engineering service in automation including planning and con-trolling shipments regarding the consignment of orders.
Customers are always welcome to visit our 7,000 square meter manufactur¬ing facility in Istanbul, Turkey as well as our 1,000 square meter sales/demonstration office offer near Frankfurt, Germany to discuss and help find you the best solution to your washing system requirements. We hope to hear from you soon and our full contact details can be found on the rear cover of this catalogue.

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