In the past few years Everest has started to use fully automatic robot arms in some of its washing systems for fast and effective loading/unloading of parts, due to increased supply and washing demands increasing every year compared to the previous year, and due to the process washing time for each part getting shorter and shorter. Everest supplies these robot arms, which can be integrated into our washing systems, from world-renowned brands such as Yaskawa, Fanuc and ABB. Robot arm operator systems provide both faster and more effective efficiency compared to traditional human labour.

Robot arms and robot arm part grippers used by Everest can vary according to the part to be cleaned, the washing system and the needs of the customer. In addition, special robot arm grippers with clean and dirty sides are used if needed to prevent re-contamination of the washed part during the unloading process.

If the robot arm will be provided through a third-party company, Everest's automation team will configure both the robot arm of the suppling company and the Everest washing system and will also establish the necessary input and output connections for uninterrupted washing system/robot arm communication.

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