General Features:

Automatic basket handling systems provide high efficiency transfer in multi-station washing machines and reduce labour costs by providing consistent standards. These systems work fully automatically thanks to servo motors and PLC control. Transfer speed of the materials, process times, temperature adjustments, basket draining times and so on are all adjustable from the main control panel. In these systems, all processes are carried out automatically, independent of the initiative of the machine operators, and since the operator only takes part in the preparation of the materials to be washed and the receipt of the washed materials, it provides an advantage in establishing a consistent quality standard.

» Lowers operating costs.
» Easy to program and use.
» Reduces operating costs.
» Time adjustable basket transitions between tanks.
» Password protection against unauthorized program installation.
» Programming and instant process monitoring from the HMI touchscreen operator display.
» Robot communication from the loading and unloading platforms with the assistance of sensors in fully automatic systems.
» Control of the existing machine as well as the robot with PLC (Process water temperatures, ultrasonic working time, drying time, filtration time and so on)
ModelLoading Weight
Max. Horizontal Speed
Max. Vertical Speed
AHS-15152715+/- 1
AHS-40402715+/- 1
AHS-80802712+/- 1
AHS-200200219+/- 1

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