General Features:

AutoClean ultrasonic automotive washing systems are designed for sensitive cleaning of engines and engine components for the automotive, marine, railway, and aviation industries. Before surface treatment or final assembly, in production, maintenance, repair lines; these systems are widely used in precision cleaning of all kinds of parts such as engines, engine blocks, cylinder heads, injectors, brake discs, gearboxes and radiators. AutoClean washing systems are tens of times more effective than conventional hand washing. Due to ultrasonic cleaning in AutoClean washing systems, the smallest holes and sections are effectively reached, and an effective cleaning is done. In the AutoClean washing system, where ultrasonic washing takes place in a single tub, it is offered as 28kHz or 40kHz ultrasonic standard on the sides or on the bottom, depending on the volume and tank geometry.

Washing system: Large ultrasonic washing systems
Working principle: Parts placed on the standard floor mounted platform by hand or with the assistance help of an overhead crane are cleaned by ultrasonic washing.
Tank system: Single tank with heating
Construction: Entirely from 304 stainless steel
Ultrasonic: 28 or 40kHz
ModelMaximum Loading Height
Tank Size
External Size
Tank Volume 
Loading Weight
AutoClean 200 300890*430*4901450*925*110020075
AutoClean 300 400890*550*6301530*1190*1170300250
AutoClean 400 4001180*650*6501830*1290*1170400250
AutoClean 600 4501330*750*7001980*1390*1220600250
AutoClean 800 6501330*750*9001980*1390*1420800500
AutoClean 1000 6501580*800*8902650*1440*12801000500
AutoClean 1300 9001580*800*12002750*1440*15801300500
AutoClean 2000 9001850*950*12003000*1600*15802000900
AutoClean 3000 10002100*1100*13003250*1750*17003000900
AutoClean 4500 10002700*1450*13003900*2100*17004500900
AutoClean 6000 10003200*1600*13004400*2250*170060001500
AutoClean 9000 12003700*1700*15004800*2400*190090001500

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» Space saving
» Cost saving
» Environmentally friendly
» Energy efficient
» Suitable for heavy items
» Manual installation
» Designed for delicate cleaning.
» Low water liquid level protection which stops the machine automatically
» Cleaning time and temperature are adjustable
» Can be integrated into the serial production line (optional)

Washing steps:
» The entire process takes place in a single tank.

Addable Features
» Dual and multi frequency ultrasonics available at request
» AISI 316L or AISI 316T stainless steel can be used
» Oil separation
» Pump filtration
» Automatic water filling/draining
» Pump circulation
» Chemical dosing systems
» Pneumatic oscillating platform
» Other system features

***All our AutoClean Washing Systems can be custom designed in line with the needs of our customers. Contact us for your special needs...

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