One of our main strengths and advantages is our ability to offer, design and manufacture custom made washing solutions. Custom made systems can vary from small changes such as non-standard basket/platform sizes or increased loading weight capacities through to much larger fully bespoke systems which are especially designed for the cleaning of your dedicated parts with high cleanliness requirements.

Our mechanical, electrical and automation design teams all use the latest manufacturing software programmes available such as AutoCAD, ePLAN and SolidWorks to design and engineer all the requirements needed for your custom-made washing system. 3D manufacturing approval drawings are prepared in SolidWorks and are shared prior to manufacturing beginning, once the design and concept has been approved by all parties the manufacturing process can begin. Extra care and attention are needed in all aspects of the design due to the custom nature of these bespoke washing systems which is why each custom-made machine projects are assigned an Everest sales team member to be your project manager and point of contact throughout the entire project.

Upon completion of the washing system machine factory acceptance tests can be completed at both our Turkey and Germany facilities before sending the washing system to the final delivery address.

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