General Features:

BogieClean cabin type pressure washers are specially designed for the railway and transportation industries. BogieClean systems perform high pressure cleaning of train bogies, wheel sets, bearing wheelsets, engine blocks, transmission blocks and engine parts. Washing and rinsing stages are completed with a forward/backwards moving nozzle system, pneumatic from door, pump filtration, automatic loading and unloading systems are offered as standard in BogieClean washing systems where all processes are carried out in a single cabinet.

Washing system: high pressure washing system where all processes take place in a single cabin.
Working principle: parts are automatically loaded into the cabin from ground level using loading train rails, pressure washing is performed with movable nozzles for effective cleaning of all areas of the parts.
Tank system: double tank systems with independent heating.
Feeding: loading and unloading from the ground level track line automatically from the front side.
Reconstruction: Constructed entirely from 304 stainless steel.
Control panel: Siemens touchscreen HMI panel as standard.

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» Environmentally friendly
» Energy efficient
» Suitable for heavy and very heavy large and medium sized items
» Designed to clean heavily polluted materials.

Washing steps:
» All processes take place in a single location
» Washing and rinsing stages
» All process recipes can be programmed separately

Addable Features
» Pump filtration
» Oil separation
» Optional two door system with front loading and rear unloading pneumatic doors
» Other system features

***All our BogieClean Washing Systems can be custom designed in line with the needs of our customers. Contact us for your special needs….

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